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  • Click here to read the JCC's press release asking for the immediate implementation of the new Public Procurement & Disposal of Public Property Act.
  • Click here to read the JCC's response to Sen Faris Al Rawi's comments on the implimentation of recently Public Procurement legislation.
  • JCC Press Conference to brief the public on the NIDCO/HRM/Dr. Wayne Kublalsingh/Armstrong Report issues - in attendance were Afra Raymond, Winston Riley, Lennox Austin (President of the T&T Society of Planners) and Chris Garcia (Immediate Past-President of the T&T Contractors' Association). 10th December 2014. Audio courtesy JCC
  • Click here to view NIDCO's reply to JCC's letter on the ten recommendations of the Armstrong Report
  • Click here to read the JCC's letter of 10th October 2014 to NIDCO, seeking details of what has been done about the ten recommendations of The Armstrong Report into the disputed Debe-Mon Desir link of the San Fernando-Point Fortin Highway.
  • Click here to read the JCC's response and concerns to the Planning Minstry after minister Dr Bhoe Tewarie's statement in parliament on the invader's Bay development. Click here to read JCC's concern addressed to UDeCOTT's chairman
  • Click here to read the 24 July 2014 press advertisement from the Private Sector/Civil Society Group (PSCSG), asking for the immediate passage of The Public Procurement and Disposal of Public Property Bill 2014.
  • Click here to view television interviews with JCC president explaining the court ruling in favour of the JCC against the Ministry of Planning & Sustainable Development regarding the Invaders Bay development
  • The High Court ruled on 14 July 2014 that the Minister of Planning & Sustainable Development must provide the legal advice which was said to have justified the development process at Invader's Bay. This case was brought by the JCC after the Ministry refused to publish the legal advice obtained in response to our challenge that the Invader's Bay development process was in breach of the Central Tenders' Board Act. Given the repeated statements that the legal opinions supported the State's actions in relation to the Central Tender Board Act, the obvious question is 'Why the secrecy and refusal to publish those opinions?'

    The JCC requested the legal opinions and the letters of instructions under the Freedom of Information Act and the judge applied the 'Public Interest Test' in deciding that the public right to that information eclipsed the accepted point as to the existence of 'legal professional privilege'.

  • Click here to read the press release from the Private Sector/Civil Society Group (PSCSG) on the Procurement Bill.
  • Click here to read the press release calling for an immediate halt to the proposed Beetham Water Recycling Project and calling for an independent public investigation into this matter of great public concern.
  • Click here to read the JCC statement on Political Party Financing.

highway Report
All Documents relating to the Report of the Highway Review Committee appointed by the JCC to examine the disputed Mon Desir-Debe segment of this important project.
JCC Policy Positions
  1. PUBLIC PROCUREMENT: Accounting For Public Money - The JCC has been in the forefront calling for a change in policy in public procurement for contracts in construction and other areas. Click here for More.
    With the broad category, specific cases of the need for public procurement arise:
    • Invader's Bay Development RFP - The JCC is calling for the immediate withdrawal of this flawed RFP and its substantial revision after proper consultation with stakeholders. Click here for More.
    • NO to Government-to-Government Arrangements - The JCC is calling for the suspension of the return of government-to-government arrangements. Click here for More.
    • Procurement Issues with the proposed UWI Debe Campus - In May 2011, the UWI invited Expressions of Interest (EoI) for the design and construction of a South Trinidad campus on a 100-acre parcel of land at Debe. The proposed campus would comprise a built area in excess of 150,000sf and can be considered a large-scale project.

      That project was inaugurated at a sod-turning ceremony on 30th January 2012, with addresses being given by the UWI principal and the Honourable Prime Minister. The JCC is registering its concern at these aspects of this large-scale development, our letter to the UWI Principal, Professor Clement Sankat is here.

  2. IMMEDIATE IMPLEMENTATION OF Uff Recommendations - The JCC's campaign to implement the 91 Uff Report recommendations coming out of the Commission of Enquiry continues. Click here for More.
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